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Paul Maybery
Music Director

Program Coordinator



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The band consists of approximately 20 to 25 musicians who meet for one week in July to study and perform American brass band music of the late 1800s using original instruments of the period. The group “re-enacts” a concert by a typical town band of the time period. The music director is a well-known authority in American brass band music. The musicians who perform in the group are instrument collectors and performers with many years of experience in the area of American brass bands.

The Yankee Brass Band is available for performances in the New England region during the end of July. For additional information or to book a concert by the Yankee Brass Band, contact the Program Coordinator at Program.Coordinator@yankeebrassband.org.

Membership in Friends of the Yankee Brass, Inc.

As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, the Friends of the Yankee Brass, Inc. welcomes financial contributions in order to support the activities of the organization and, in particular, the work of the Yankee Brass Band. For information on membership opportunities with the Friends of the Yankee Brass, Inc., please contact us at Membership@yankeebrassband.org.

Music Director

The Yankee Brass Band performs original music of the late 1800s and historically accurate re-constructions of music from the period. For additional information about the music performed by the Yankee Brass Band or the music activities of the Yankee Brass Band contact Paul Maybery, Music Director at MusicDirector@yankeebrassband.org.

General Information

If you have a general inquiry about the Yankee Brass Band and or the Friends of the Yankee Brass, Inc., please contact us at Information@yankeebrassband.org.

Sponsoring Organization
Friends of the Yankee Brass, Inc. P.O Box 1461, White River Jct, Vermont 05001
A 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization