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History of the Band

Paul Maybery

Yankee Brass Band
Music Samples

Yankee Serenade Band

The Yankee Serenade Band
Oft in the Stilly Night
"Genteel Brass Music from a Romantic American Past"

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Sample Title (mp3) Duration Yankee Serenade Band
01 Oft in the Stilly Night :29 Paul Maybery , Director

Kenneth Austin, Eb Cornet

Wayne Collier, Bb Cornet

Dennis Emert, Eb Alto I

Martha Crane, Eb Alto II

Jon Hall,Bb Tenor

James Bennett, Bb Baritone

Robert Eliason, Eb Bass

02 Woodman Spare That Tree :32
03 Hark Hark the Soft Bugle :27
04 Bonds Serenade :31
05 Chandlers Jig :29
06 Robin Adair :37
07 Last Rose of Summer Polonaise :34
08 Gentle Annie :32
09 Departed Days :33
10 Philadelphia Grays :31
11 Home Again :32
12 Grace Aria from Robert de Diable :33
13 Wake Up Jake :25
14 Thou Art Gone from My Gaze :33
15 Grand March in Norma :32
16 Home Sweet Home :25
17 The Mayflower :28
18 Penobscot Polka :29
19 Andante :29
20 Kathleen Mavourneen :28
21 Comin thro the Rye :30

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Friends of the Yankee Brass, Inc. P.O Box 1461, White River Jct, Vermont 05001
A 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization